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PagePipe assists you in recognizing if your website team is discarding the unnecessary. Focusing on the essential elements affects your profits. Don’t assume web designers always make good speed choices – or even feel accountable.

PagePipe helps you determine “how good is good enough.” Most website bells and whistles just create noise and clutter. Knowing proven rules-of-thumb and common sense practices give you the confidence to say, “No.”

PagePipe is about achieving optimized site decoration for fastest speed results. This balance in turn translates into profits. This site teaches you how to communicate goals with your web designer or developer. Undecorating your business website improves performance, comprehension, and ROI.

The balance of web speed and aesthetics translates into profits.
The balance of web speed and aesthetics translates into profits.

Value analysis: Lean websites matter.
Value analysis improves the industrial process. We apply it to many aspects of creativity and innovation. The components are: combination, simplification, elimination, standardization, and substitution. These principles are also used in optimizing lean manufacturing.

Is there such a thing as lean websites?
“Lean” websites are an ideal. “Manufacturing” and “web engineering” don’t quite fit the same model. Manufacturing has inventory and delivery of materials. Uh? Where is that in websites? Our philosophy and guidelines are about as close as you can get to this ideal of streamlining web construction.

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