Branding aesthetic is site body language.

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In 2013, we assessed, a web design consultancy in England. Of the millions of websites out there, with varying degrees of website credibility, why did we choose to review MIXD? They had recently redesigned their website – it was new and it was fresh. The site was getting a lot of attention from some design blogs, so we wanted to learn more about their business and their website.

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But it was more than that. When we saw their site, we fell in love with the aesthetics, and wondered how they had gotten such heavy pages to load so quickly (often 2 seconds or less). Our curiosity was engaged.

Their choices of colors, type, and images seemed “just right.” We were positively impressed, and knew that the site would make a great case study. Of course the choices made by the MIXD crew were important, but we’re guessing that the front-end mastermind, UK-based designer Mike Kus, deserves most of the credit. His experience as a poster designer definitely played a role here with the big, bold typography and the bright, dazzling colors.

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by - Shlomi Tsur