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Updated: January 2019
Mobile Speed
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Remember, improving your profitability by enhancing user experience – that’s number one. And the top of the list for user experience is: speed. It’s the first step (or stumble) users encounter on your site. It’s the first impression and causes a halo effect for subsequent site interactions.

Speed attracts. Speed speaks the web body language of quality and hospitality at a subconscious level. Everyone hates a slow site. They are frustrating and annoying. Repelling.

The goal isn’t to fix everything. It’s finding the low hanging fruit. The 20 percent that makes 80-percent difference in bettering your website.

Are you big into SEO? Speed isn’t directly about SEO. It’s directly related to UX. But a fast site, especially for a mobile audience, causes two metrics to change or improve.

First over time, bounce rate goes down. What is your Google Analytics bounce rate for the last month?

The other metric, dwell time, goes up. People stay on your site reading longer and visit more pages. What’s your average time on page?

Now if you improve these metrics, they’re indicators to Google of user intent. That’s important. It affects authority. It’s not quality of visitors – but quality.

The only permitted gaming of the SEO system any more is user satisfaction and delight. It’s about the end customer.

The only super significant metric is improved profitability.

And lastly, to see how much speed impacts your site: what’s your monthly traffic count and what percentage are mobile?

Mobile users care about speed most.

Better speed test scores aren’t the goal. It’s milliseconds of load time. Milliseconds, not rank. That’s what we watch. Reduction in page weight is also significant for mobile users. Weight consumes mobile data bandwidth.

We evaluate unrealized potential or opportunity.


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