Fastest mobile pages on the planet: Get selective plugin activation.

Our secret for fast mobile-first web pages:
we surgically remove your slowest plugins.

Selective plugin activation?
What’s that? Sounds bloody technical to me.

Choose your most-popular WordPress web pages. The ones where most people enter your website.

Let’s make those pages load much faster.

How? By surgically removing global-loading plugins. Those are the ones slowing down every page and post of your site – whether they’re needed or not. You know. Plugins like Contact Form 7. It adds 40+ milliseconds everywhere. On millions of web pages whether there’s a shortcode present or not.

You may think, “Poo! 40 milliseconds? Insignificant. These guys are fanatics.” Sadly, Contact Form 7 isn’t the only popular plugin criminal. Some are much worse. The average WordPress site has 25 plugins. PagePipe has 55. How do we stay so fast? And while using shared, cheap GoDaddy hosting without CDN and no SSD servers. It’s not magic. It took sweat.

Hmm? 25 plugins average. If they all load in 40 milliseconds, it’d consume 1 second of load time. 1,000 milliseconds! That doesn’t include loading WordPress core and theme assets. Or TTFB. Or images. Or ads. Or Facebook links. We’re ruined.

1 second is half of a 2-second performance budget. Some plugins take 80 milliseconds. And real bad boys take hundreds of milliseconds. Can a mobile site have a chance of loading in under a second? Even two? Yes.

Global loading plugins suck dirty pond scum.

“What?” you say, “Global loading? Why don’t I know about this speed atrocity already? Is this another fluffy SEO scam?”

OK. Listen. Plugin authors don’t publish speed specs in files. And it’s not required for authorization to publish in the WordPress directory. It’s a speed-surprise package. Hidden knowledge. That’s why we test plugins all the time. We stop unpleasant surprises.

In a perfect world, slow plugins would only activate on your contact page. Or that single heavy slider solely on your home page – and nowhere else. Some plugin authors are kind and that’s what they do. But most don’t. Then you have what we call: site drag. Apathy causes site drag, not rotten code.

Not switching off the lights when you leave a room wastes electricity. Your Dad ranted about that. “Turn off the lights in empty rooms.” Same idea. That’s selective activation. It’s saves speed. Page speed is load time measured in milliseconds. Not a silly test score or rank. Milliseconds.


Selective Plugin Activation Service

We call our selective plugin activation service: PlugPick.

PlugPick is fun to say and has fewer syllables.

PlugPick even sounds a little vile. Like “Don’t pick that.” Or “Don’t pick at your food.” Yeah. True. It’s a nasty job – but someone’s got to pick at it.

For $250,  you’d like your whole site “fixed” with our PlugPick service – but that isn’t possible. The best solution is PlugPick – on special pages. Not all pages. Even that’s mind-numbing work. That’s what we do. Numb our brain so you don’t have to. For mobile WordPress, PlugPick mines unrealized potential for speed improvement. It works.

Selective plugin activation has a much bigger speed payback than dequeuing unused theme assets. Or installing minification plugins.

So PagePipe must pop in a plugin and it’s fixed. Right? Nope. Life is never that easy. Pick means discriminating or choosing. PlugPick is a made-to-order service. Not a multi-purpose product. It requires decision-making chops.

PlugPick is a custom workaround for crappy-built – but popular – plugins. The more popular they are with number of active installs – the worse usually for site drag. PlugPick is a custom solution for individual pages. It isn’t universal for the entire site. You wish!

Severe limitations means creativity is most needed.

PlugPick involves time and effort. Strategic mind work – and even surgical skill. If speed surgery was easy or cheap, you’d already have fixed it before you came to visit us. Maybe you’ve tried. And your page speed still is diseased for mobile user experience. Time to try PlugPick.

Every site is different and needs special tweaking. There’s no magic bullet, panacea plugin, or splendid shortcut to cure slow sites. Many think, “If I could only afford using fancy hosting.  Or a hot CDN – or have super caching – then my slowness problems would vanish forever.” But these speed band-aids aren’t “good enough” for mobile. Over the life of your site, they cost much more money than PlugPick.

We could build a new fast site from the ground up. We do that. Wouldn’t that be a fun project? And cheaper, too. No. We don’t think so. Let’s resuscitate the site you’ve slaved over first. Get some return on your investment.

Focusing on improving your top, high-traffic pages for $250 is strategic. PagePick is gory and tedious labor. But worth it. For who? Your impatient mobile users. Check your metrics. We bet most traffic is mobile now. Painful.

If your top pages or posts are 20 percent or more of your site traffic, that’s where to start. Get the biggest bang for $250 bucks. It’s better and cheaper than therapy.

To put our $250 value in perspective, for $100 a professional WordPress performance optimization expert will install the WP Rocket plugin. That’s it. Done deal. They advertise all the plugin features as if they were accomplishing separate tasks. 100s of guys do this. It’s a waste. They prey on the uneducated. A sorry world.

The goal is not 100 percent flawless perfection – but 80 percent “good enough.”

Perfection has too high of cost. We use the Pareto principle – or 80/20 rule – for adding site quality. We allot PlugPick to the pages producing the most significant difference. Not the whole site. That would cost a fortune. Some changes benefit global site speed. They’re a positive side effect from improving individual pages. That’s residual – an extra bonus.

Let’s improve UX on your most critical pages with PlugPick.

What do you think? Want speed relief? Ask us more questions about PlugPick from PagePipe. Questions answered free of charge. Email us now.


Selective Plugin Activation Service

Hire us – Terms

PlugPick may only help improve speed by 5 percent if you’re using a heavy page-builder plugin. Or a complex theme like Divi with WP Rocket cache plugin. Blah! No wiggle room for betterment. Big trouble. Read more about why