GoSurgical Protocol

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  1. You pay $249 via PayPal.
  2. Email us:
  • Your name and phone number.
  • Your hosting company name.
  • The site URL.
  • If you have metrics, what percentage of traffic is mobile. Also, what’s your bounce rate and dwell time? These help use evaluate areas of promise.

If you’re using Autoptimize (or another minification plugin), it’s concatenating Javascript and CSS files. We can’t “see” all details and need to temporarily deactivate it during testing. It won’t damage your site. And speed slowdown will be negligible to unnoticeable.

We need WordPress administrator access, a user name, and a password.

A staging area is always beneficial. But if you don’t have that luxury, we easily can work “live.”

We then do a website performance assessment. We discover unrealized speed potential and cost savings. Our testing tools include: WebPagetest.org, Pingdom.com, and GTMetrix. We don’t care a piddly about scores, grades, or ranking. It’s all about millisecond load time and page weight.

Want a 100 score on Google PageSpeed Insights? Please amuse some other performance optimization specialists. Not us. WordPress themes won’t pass those silly speed tests. Google doesn’t even use their own test results in page ranking algorithms.

We identify the biggest speed and plugin problems. We can’t predict how much gain in speed is achievable because of too many variables. We report how to improve your site by substituting discreet plugins. This is a job for creative use of faster and lower-priced (free?) plugins. After you approve our recommendations, we make changes. Then do further speed testing of results.

We examine your pages getting the most traffic.

There is no speed insurance policy or guarantee of impossible miracle cures. The goal is achieving a better speed on key pages. If we make extra global, site-wide improvements, we do them at no extra charge. Those are bonuses for you when workable. They do luckily appear. Unrealized opportunities are usually discovered.

Refund Policy

If it’s determined the site is terminal and we can’t save the *patient*, we refund $149 of your money. You still get valuable information (consolation prize?) But you’ll hear tragic news (like the only salvation is a rebuild) – instead of instant happiness. We heal websites. We’re not bandits. But someone must sadly pick up the tab for the incurable diagnosis.

So email us your top-10, highest-trafficked pages and posts (URLs). These should get somewhere between 30 and 40 percent of cumulative total traffic. If it’s too many, we’ll make uncomfortable whining noises. But typically, we’re talking your ten-most popular pages.

If you have Cpanel access, we do extra plugin speed testing for free. You need to share the URL, username, and password to get us into Cpanel.

We don’t need a staging area. We often work live without site interruption except for cache resets. But if you have staging ability with your host – it’s great. You’ll also need to backup your site before we begin. Safety first!

We’ve never “nuked” a client site. But to say we’ve never “white paged” a site would be a lie. We usually fix it super quick by undoing the change. This is often caused by unforeseen plugin conflicts. The secret is keeping the plugin page open during tests for fast reversion if needed.

We supply a PDF benchmark report showing before-and-after improvement. The summary report also tells what changes we made and why. And future annual savings from removing paid plugins.

How long the changes take depends upon complexity. It’s custom work.

Email us questions if you have any.


Selective Plugin Activation Service

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GoSurgical may not help improve speed if you’re using a heavy page-builder plugin. Or a complex theme. Blah! No wiggle room for betterment. Is your WordPress theme pernicious for mobile speed? Read more about why 〉