People are looking for instant solutions to specific problems.

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Web users are less tolerant and impatient when it comes to websites. Web users have always been ruthless and now are even more so. Designers and site owners don’t understand. They feel their site is interesting and special and people will be happy about whatever they throw at them.

Don't overcrowd your site.
Don’t overcrowd your site.

Impatience rules the day online. Many website landing pages provide a general summary and navigation which are difficult to comprehend. There may be some company history on the front page, oversized logos, and solutions to visitor’s problems.

Nowadays, people are looking for instant solutions to specific problems. You can no longer have a website covering a broad topic of, say, marketing. Instead, you need sites that cover specifics like, “how to get more interest in postcard marketing in Los Angeles.”

Gone are the days of looking for millions of visitors to a website. Business owners have to reduce their expectations of website results. Think of having many sites that target specific user needs. It’s a complete reverse of what businesses are thinking. Many business still build websites with web “habits” learned in the late 1990s and the early years of this century. Impatient web users have moved on.

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"Steve Teare bailed us out. Our organization had two outdated sites and lost our volunteer web designer. The site rebuilds entailed a great deal of work to sort out all the outdated content, images, and documents and get to work on our updated goals." Washington, USA

by - Mike Milano