Impulsive E-motion – freebie header for Twenty-seventeen theme!

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FREE DOWNLOAD 514k video size, 1.34-second tested home-page speed.

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Eclectic, intricate, and diverse: Impulsive E-motion includes an optimized, super-lightweight video SpeedHeader and supplemental featured images. These are specially made for web designers, site developers, and WordPress website owners. Created for branding your Twenty-seventeen theme.

It takes knowledge, skill, and patience to find or build non-bloated visual elements. The hunt for orchestrated, featured images is a huge time sink. We save you time and frustration.

Above: SpeedHeader demonstration video for Twenty-seventeen WordPress theme. Atmospheric motion video adds just 514k page weight. Fast-loading.

Image-heavy sites kill page speed. The top contributors to slow load times are images and videos. You now have a cure for that.

Speed Test Results for “Impulsive”

Home-page component speed details

HTML 17k

Gzipped jQuery 33k
Minified Javascript 12k

Minified CSS 12k

CSS Images
featured-fallback.jpg 50k
projects.png 11k
questions.png 9k
store.png 7k

crafter.mp4 514k

Tests were on cheap, shared, magnetic GoDaddy hosting. For us – as irrational speed freaks – a 1.34 second load time* with a server overhead of 510 milliseconds (TTFB) is impressive. No brag. Just screaming fast. Second visit with primed cache was 840 milliseconds. We fainted. Proof you don’t need expensive hosting to provide good user experience (UX). No CDN or caching plugins.

*Mobile load times can be twice as long for users relying on cellular connections. And get this, website loading delays lead to a 38% increase in heart rate, on average. Have mercy! Mobile delay is similar to watching a horror movie. We knew it!

Who do you think site visitors blame for that experience? You know who. It’s not GoDaddy.

OK. Enough about speed. More about the cool branding you get with Impulsive E-motion:

Recommended Handlettered Brush-style Typography
Sophia by Emily Spadoni. Offsite freeware font download, email signup required.

Display-image typography matters. Conscious and subconscious font cues influence visitor’s positive memories. We select typefaces with the right personality.

Lightweight graphic elements for featured images. PNGs included with layered Photoshop .PSD file for making your own custom signage.

DOMINANT COLOR #ac848d – Bouquet (grayish red)
SUBORDINATE COLOR #c2bbcf Blue Haze (bright grayish violet)
ACCENT COLOR #623c3c dark grayish red







$5.99 FREE DOWNLOAD 514k video size, 1.34-second tested home-page speed.

Enter your email address to download Impulsive E-motion Freebie Download for Twenty-seventeen theme.

What others think of us:

"Steve advised me on a few simple changes to my site that only took a matter of minutes and my site went from a sluggish 4+ seconds to under 2 seconds flat. I highly recommend consulting with Steve to improve your website speed and save money at the same time." North Carolina, USA

by - Dr. Nikolas Hedberg