Intense E-motion – freebie header for Twenty-seventeen theme!

Updated: July 2018
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FREE DOWNLOAD 296k video size. Home-page test: 854-milliseconds.

Exciting, flamboyant, and dynamic: Intense E-motion includes an optimized, super-lightweight video SpeedHeader and supplemental featured images. These are specially made for web designers, site developers, and WordPress website owners. Created for branding your Twenty-seventeen theme.

It takes knowledge, skill, and patience to find or build non-bloated visual elements. The hunt for orchestrated, featured images is a huge time sink. We save you time and frustration.

Above: SpeedHeader demonstration video for Twenty-seventeen WordPress theme. Atmospheric motion video adds just 296k page weight. Fast-loading.

Image-heavy sites kill page speed. The top contributors to slow load times are images and videos. You now have a cure for that.

Speed Test Results for “Intense”


Tests were on cheap, shared, magnetic GoDaddy hosting. For us – as irrational speed freaks – a 854 millisecond load time* with a server overhead of 510 milliseconds (TTFB) is impressive. No brag. Just screaming fast. No CDN or caching plugins.

OK. Enough about speed. More about the cool branding you get with Intense E-motion:

Recommended Geometric Sans Serif Typography
London-Between Two
by Francois Bruel. Offsite freeware font download.

Display-image typography matters. Conscious and subconscious font cues influence visitor’s positive memories. We select typefaces with the right personality.

Lightweight graphic elements for featured images. Premade GIFs included with layered Photoshop .PSD file for making your own custom signage.


SUBORDINATE COLOR #70328b – purple
ACCENT COLOR #04a284 – emerald



Bonus freebie color feature GIF image and a still fallback image:

ruby #c43a2c



FREE DOWNLOAD 296k video size. Home-page test: 854-milliseconds. Pingdom.


thumbnail of THEME-ME-10-v1.compressed
THEME.ME: What is the fastest free theme? There are 5,100 free themes in the WordPress theme directory. Of those, only 1,602 are responsive. All the rest are fixed-width junk. How did we sort the remaining 1,602 free responsive themes to find the fastest loading?

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Steve Teare
performance engineer

Mobile WordPress Speed – without coding!

What others think of us:

"With Steve's hard questions, fast answers, and his analytical approach, I reduced the load-time from 6-7 seconds to less than 2 seconds - and sometimes to 500 milliseconds at various portions of my blog. " Gurgaon (near New Delhi India)

by - Dr. Anil Singhal MD.

Don’t bring down the Internet with bloated video headers.
Twenty-seventeen theme: a branding and speed problem with a learning curve.