Updated: June 2018
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The free, responsive theme we used for this store is called “Craft.” It works fine for what we need. The client originally wanted a site store (PayPal) but we convinced her to use Etsy instead.


We also recommended using Facebook as her blog – since she thinks *social* is cool.

These two off-site functions (Etsy and Facebook) drastically reduced our workload and she seems happy with that solution.

Graphic production included the buttons, favicon, background tile, logo, and bundle-of-lavender illustration. Photos were shot by the owner.

New tricks we learned on this project included Black Studio TinyMCE Widget plugin and Very Simple Contact Form plugin. Both useful for widgets.

We used about 20 free plugins on the site. Here’s the list: Better WordPress Minify, Black Studio TinyMCE Widget, BruteProtect (now part of Jetpack), Cache Buddy, Clean Up Images, Disable Emojis, Enable Media Replace, Far Future Expiration Plugin, Google Maps Widget, Image Widget, Imsanity, No Comments, One-Click Child Theme, Rocket Lazy Load, Simple Drop Cap, Very Simple Contact Form, WP Old Post Date Remover, WP jQuery Plus, WP Orbit Slider, and WP Super Cache. Feel free to question us on any of these.

The Google Map Widget plugin is about 500ms to 750ms of the page load time on GoDaddy shared Linux hosting. This is not uncommon when adding map functions.

The page loads in 1.6 to 1.9 seconds, cache cleared. The actual page weight is 454k with 29 components. But they don’t all load at once with the “Rocket Lazy Load” plugin. Below-the-fold, delayed image loading is the saving grace for this page. 329k of the page weight is images.

We’re allowing 3 Google font calls all for Open Sans. These are already cached on many browsers or systems.


Steve Teare
performance engineer

Mobile WordPress Speed – without coding!

What others think of us:

"Steve is straight-up, competent and insightful. Rather than ‘a one size fits all’ service, he identified solutions and priorities relevant to my unique situation. I respect his scrupulous and ethical approach. I commend him to anyone looking for unbiased and effective speed help." Prime Architecture New Zealand

by - Paul King

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