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PagePipe is a mobile-first speed company.


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We serve these countries most: United States, India, United Kingdom, Indonesia, Germany, Australia, Canada, Italy, Netherlands, and Spain. 75 percent of PagePipe’s site traffic is international – not the USA.

Online since 2004.

2004. The year of emergence of blogs, wikis, video sharing, hosted services, web applications and social networking. Broadband became cheap surpassing dialup connections.

Today’s web pages are over 3 megabytes – and growing.

Back in 2004, PagePipe built expressive-aesthetic, 30-kilobyte webpages.

Was PagePipe’s 2004 speed research a waste?

Web preferences now focus on mobile-first speed.

It’s a new day for speed.

The WordPress page you’re reading – right now – weighs 103 kilobytes.

24 times lighter than today’s average pages.

PagePipe Speed Performance

1.11 seconds to Europe. Cheap GoDaddy-USA shared-magnetic hosting. No CDN. 65 free active plugins + 1 free default theme. Learn how on PagePipe.