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Best WordPress Speed Practices

We produce alternative speed tactics for International site-owners and developers using low-cost, shared hosting without CDN.

  1. Free speed information “How to build 2-second WordPress sites.”
  2. Do-it-yourself plugin speed using our low-cost Plugin Clone guides.
  3. Speed consultancy services for anyone not wanting to get their hands dirty or take unnecessary risks.

Why WordPress bloat happens?

  • Fear of being perceived as insignificant.
  • The designer is not using fast themes and plugins.
  • A common mistake is the belief that a good site includes everything.
  • Not using file compression.
  • Not using image optimization.
  • Too many images.
  • Third-party scripts (Google Fonts, Google Maps, Facebook *like* counters, ads, etc.)
  • Constantly adding heavy or slow features and expansion.
  • Apathy.

Searching for speed shortcuts and workarounds? Especially to improve mobile WordPress user experience?

They say, “Code is Poetry.” Boring!

Would we study CSS, Javascript, and PHP code for fun? No way. Too much homework!

We avoid time-consuming, programming learning curves with WordPress plugins.

The right plugin fixes things fast. We love WordPress plugin workarounds.

The 55,000+ WordPress plugin directory is a gory, big database to wander around in. There exists perfect free plugins and themes that won’t bog down your site. We help you locate them. We’ve done that task for you.

We teach web-speed language and concepts. Without straining your brain. PagePipe offers eBooks, reports, and free articles written without over-the-top technical jargon. Don’t feel guilty about stealing our free page-speed knowledge to make money.

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We serve these countries most: United States, India, United Kingdom, Indonesia, Germany, Australia, Canada, Italy, Netherlands, and Spain. 75 percent of PagePipe’s site traffic is international – not the USA.

Online since 2004.

2004. The year of emergence of blogs, wikis, video sharing, hosted services, web applications and social networking. Broadband became cheap surpassing dialup connections.

Today’s web pages are over 3 megabytes – and growing.

Back in 2004, PagePipe built expressive-aesthetic, 30-kilobyte webpages.

Was PagePipe’s 2004 speed research a waste?

Web preferences now focus on mobile-first speed.

It’s a new day for speed.

The WordPress page you’re reading – right now – weighs 103 kilobytes.

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PagePipe Speed Performance

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