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we surgically remove your slowest plugins.

It’ll only hurt a bit. And your site heals faster.

Selective plugin activation?
What’s that? Sounds bloody technical to me.

How PlugPick speeds up your site. Go!

Learn how the most popular plugins and ideas waste your time – and hurt web speed. Includes important tips for mobile speed without coding. The assumption is “popularity” is good. For plugins, that is usually decided by looking at the number of active installs. Active installs is not a sign of quality or performance. It’s a standard of herd mentality.

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We sell 12 different
downloadable issues about our research findings. These reports reveal clone equivalents or substitutes. If you’re ready to give your WordPress site wings, here are powerful tools to speed up your site. Our open-source ideas substitute costly popular plugins and alternative themes. They save you recurring annual *rent* for pro plugins and themes.

Speed up your site and save money

We test and report
on plugin and theme speed potential. These open-source stratagems are our discoveries in the free WordPress online directories. You can learn how to speed up your site without coding by reading PagePipe blog articles.

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We offer a free online four-part speed test
to help you check your websites. The Test includes: Time to First Byte (server response), Load-time Speed, Percent Image Weight, and Shared Hosting. How good is good enough?

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PagePipe solves web problems with creativity, excellence, and intense curiosity. We consult about how people feel when using your mobile-first website. Be polite. Give them speed.

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PagePipe is a mobile-first speed company.

You didn’t ask. But let us tell you why we care so much about speed. You might think we’re curious about technology and love creativity. Those are true. But the biggest reason is fast-loading web pages are kind. You’re treating your audience as you’d like to be treated. They sense that Golden Rule in their subconscious. Your site feels like a good place, a pleasant home. That’s what speed can do. People sense you care.