Do you produce apathetic slow-loading pages?

Mobile web traffic continues to grow. For many site owners, 60 to 70 percent of visitors now use remote tablets and smartphones. PagePipe focuses on teaching mobile speed strategy using WordPress.

Much Internet speed information is half-truth. These ignorant deceptions create anxiety. The falsehoods cause people to buy:

  • Costly performance optimization services.

  • Pricey Content Delivery Network services (CDNs).

  • Premium caching plugins.

  • Special hosting.

There are free and fast alternatives.

Speed improvement affects user experience (UX). Especially UX for slow 3G mobile connections. User experience is how people feel when they visit your site. Fast loading pages translate into hospitality, kindness, and politeness.

PagePipe is not about:

  • improving Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • cramming more content onto small view screens.
  • editing server-side files or any coding (programming).

We appreciate excellence and skilled website performance.

We invent novel and productive ways to optimize mobile sites.

We’re fascinated with web speed.

We love exploring and discovering better methods.

We’re thankful for those practicing what they learn here.

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Our speed test results. Yes! The very page you’re reading right now. Only 357 millisecond load time on cheap, shared GoDaddy magnetic hosting. No CDN. It can be done.

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Steve Teare
Steve Teare, Performance Engineer
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We plan, design, and oversee website quality. We are “big-picture” people. We consult on User Experience strategy – in particular balancing mobile speed and aesthetics. UX is about how people feel when they use your website. We’re your partner. We submit bids for website construction or consultation on request. Email or call us 509-878-1538 Pacific.

Ask us questions about delivery and features for your web project. We solve budget problems using creativity.



Steve Teare
performance engineer

Mobile WordPress Speed – without coding!

What others think of us:

"Hi Steve, Thank you so much for that insightful speed review! I appreciate the time you took to explain the issue of the website I'm working on. I'll be looking into some of the recommendations you have and advice that you have given.", Singapore

by - Jaaze Lim