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Total theoretical speed overhead for this site is 3.78 seconds (3780ms). That is without images or scripts.

This is based on the sum of server Time to First Byte (TTFB), WordPress core, SSL handshaking, Astra Pro theme, Elementor pagebuilder, Gravity form plugin and all other remaining plugins.

GOAL: Remove 1780 milliseconds of site drag.
The theoretical speed is also the actual speed measured for the homepage (3.78s).
Some Top10 pages are a little faster (best-case 2.8 seconds). See attached results.
But worst-case is 4.2 seconds for the About page.

Core 116 ms load time
Astra + Pro 184ms
TTFB 286ms
SSL 78ms
Elementor 262.7
These features and plugins can’t be selectively deactivated. They total 927ms. Half the budget. That leaves 1 second to load the remaining assets.

The worst plugin offender is Gravity Forms (and it’s 5 plugins). Those consume up to 2.4 seconds of speed overhead. See attached numbers. We recommend eliminating this plugin with substitution or selective activation. Is Gravity
Forms needed on all pages? If not, which URLs need this plugin? We’d like to develop a speed strategy to isolate this speed problem or offload it to a single page. What is the business goal with this plugin?

The next biggest offenders consume 680ms total:

  • SFWD LMS 315.80
  • Uncanny LearnDash Toolkit 136.60
  • GamiPress 103.40
  • WP All Export 62.50
  • AppPresser 61.70

Can any of these plugins be eliminated or confined to specific URLs?

Image optimization produces some speed gain. It’s not as significant as focusing on the Gravity Forms plugin problem. Regardless, we recommend optimizing the media library. This is included in tha plugin surgery service once approved. There are many large PNG images used for photographs on this site. This is not efficient. Compressed and resized JPEG images are much faster loading. We need email approval from you before we optimize the media library.

There are other plugins we recommend and install as part of our speed service: Remove  Emoji, remove embeds, and Far Futures Expiration. Also Lazy Loading plugin if this isn’t already implemented in Elementor. Also are you using Google Analytics? We can load GA 300-milliseconds faster than other methods.

The next step is deciding the best solution for the form problem. Also optimizing the media library and installing speed booster plugins.


Steve Teare
performance engineer


More Unconventional Speed Tips from PagePipe

Instead of band-aid approaches, we drill down to the root cause of your slow site. This is origin optimization. Also known as site tuning. To do this, we analyze site components:

  • Hosting
  • Theme
  • Plugins
  • Scripts and third-party services.
  • Images and media library.
  • We minimize globally loading plugin effects.

Find out more details about Site TuningGet Speed!


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