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1. Optimize the media library by converting non-transparent PNG images into compressed JPEG format. Quality setting 82 WordPress default.

REFERENCE: http://pagepipe.com/quality-82-image-compression-change-for-wordpress/

2. Another alternative to OptinMonster for the exit intent functionality.


I do not install this or make settings as part of Plugin Surgery fees. But there’s a free solution. See if it will work for what you need to do. PDF SIGN.ME reference.

3. I’ve made Facebook recommendations in a email. It usually is about deciding how to make Facebook work at a minimum value level for profits. Removal is the best! There is no effective trick to speed up Facebook requests.

4. There is a way to deactivate Cloudflare CDN temporarily in WP Rocket plugin if I need it. “Development Mode” I will advise you before and if I do use it.

5. You are using PHP 7.0.33. That’s good.

6. You are using comments on posts. We do not recommend Akismet. See attached PDF CONTACT.ME for explanation. Installing Anti-Spam Bee plugin is preferred.

7. You have 3 broken links. But Broken Link Checker should not be left activated. Use it only during maintenance. It hits heavy on the server.

8. Activate the following on Autoptimize plugin: emoji removal, query strings removal.

9. Don’t use Lato font but substitute a mobile system font stack or even websafe fonts like Arial. Normally, we disable the Google fonts with a plugin. But that won’t work in your case because of theme and Customizer settings. Your team will need to implement this if you choose.

REFERENCE: http://pagepipe.com/should-i-disable-font-awesome-and-google-fonts-for-improved-speed/

10. Lazy loading videos and minification should be activated in WP Rocket instead of Autoptimize. If you chose to keep WP Rocket then Autoptimize is redundant and should be eliminated. We can substitute WP Rocket by substituting free plugins. It gets rid of renewal fees and 150 milliseconds of site drag (global slowdowns). Your call. See attachment PDF BLAST.ME.

11. Normally, I recommend getting rid of free Cloudflare. But that is a business decision you must make. I don’t know what value it provides you.

REFERENCE: http://pagepipe.com/cloudflare-doesnt-guarantee-consistent-load-times/

12. I recommend removal of Yoast SEO plugin. See attached PDF SEARCH.ME. That is hard for many site owners because they are afraid it may help even though they have no evidence. We would add some plugins to compensate for features removed as explained in the PDF SEARCH.ME.

13. I recommend selectively activating Captcha and Contact Form 7 so it only loads on the Contact page instead of globally. Attachment PDF CONTACT.ME.

REFERENCE: http://pagepipe.com/how-google-no-captcha-captcha-slows-down-your-mobile-site/

14. Sliders are slow and heavy. If it can’t be eliminated, then the next best thing is selectively activating it only on the pages where it is used.

REFERENCE: http://pagepipe.com/what-slider-is-the-fastest-loading/

15. You use a static image of a Google Map on the homepage. That would be good practice on the contact page, too.

REFERENCE: http://pagepipe.com/google-maps-and-mobile-wordpress-speed/

16. Isolate MailChimp overhead to only the signup page with selective activation. You’re doing things right for speed with a gateway signup page. Now we just need to switch off global loading.

17. Since Gutenberg block editor isn’t being used 2 request can be eliminated using Asset Queue Manager plugin.

REFERENCE: http://pagepipe.com/get-rid-of-slow-block-editor-residue-after-disabling-gutenberg-with-plugins/

18. If other speed opportunities are discovered during the work, I will advise you if I find anything.


Steve Teare
performance engineer


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Instead of band-aid approaches, we drill down to the root cause of your slow site. This is origin optimization. Also known as site tuning. To do this, we analyze site components:

  • Hosting
  • Theme
  • Plugins
  • Scripts and third-party services.
  • Images and media library.
  • We minimize globally loading plugin effects.

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