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about Mobile Strategy, Plugin Speed Tricks, and Branding for Mobile Speed.

“Speed Clones”

Plugin-alternative DIY eBooks $9.95 to $19.50.
Don’t be swayed by popular-plugin marketing hype.
Get the same results as premium plugins without recurring annual costs.

“Toxic WordPress”

eBook $19.95
How the most popular plugins and ideas waste your time – and hurt web speed.
Includes important tips for mobile speed without coding.

Plugin Surgery

Site-tuning $500.
Speed services for anyone not wanting to get their hands dirty or take unnecessary risks.

Page weight is the aggregate sum of all files creating a browser page. This is usually expressed in “k” (kilobytes) or “M” (megabytes). Page weight is an indicator of optimization and speed. Viewers hate slow pages.

Site Rebuilds

starting at $1,800.
Strategic website rebuilds for mobile-first speed.
Proposal, Style Guide Presentation, and Rapid Prototyping.


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