Repairing WP Post Navigation plugin with CSS.

Updated: August 2018
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We had a weird problem appear on PagePipe and a client site. We’re using a plugin called: WP Post Navigation. It’s more decorative and usable than normal theme “next-previous” bottom-of-post links. The two site themes were different: GeneratePress and Twenty-seventeen default. The plugin had not changed for almost 2 years. And those themes didn’t change simultaneously either.

But WordPress core had many changes recently.

Anyway, the “next-previous” theme links were no longer suppressed by the plugin. See the images below:

Adding a snippet of CSS code fixed both sites.

.single .post-navigation { display: none; }

Oddly, the plugin and theme were presenting different links on PagePipe. No time for solving that at the moment. But curious. WP core is the culprit. Backward compatibility is a low priority at WordPress.

End of lesson.


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