Under 1-second page speed with Twenty-nineteen theme – and heavy video.

WordPress Mobile Speed

Updated: March 2020

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Episode One

by PagePipe staff

This episode shows you how to speed up the default Twenty-nineteen WordPress theme. And without using any coding.

12:12 minutes. Click image to watch now.

Eleven plugins are all free and available online.
Links further below the list.

Links below – scroll down.


We’ll remove unnecessary slow components from WordPress core. And then reveal how to speed up pages containing heavy embedded YouTube videos.

PagePipe is a page-speed technology company. We curate speed research and tips about non-traditional mobile performance. We do site tuneups and rebuild websites for extreme performance.


Disable Comments

Classic Editor


Far Futures Expiry


Asset Queue Manager


Disable Embeds

Disable Emojis


Lazy Load for Video


WP Author, Data, and Meta Remover


Easy Remove Footer Credit


Better WordPress Minify


Cache Enabler

Our performance budget is under a 2-second load time – or 2000 milliseconds.

Never activate SSL on a site for mere search engine optimization purposes. It’s only needed when doing electronic transactions for eCommerce. HTTPS / SSL slows down every page by a half-second. Think before you leap. You can’t remove SSL without ruining all your Google links. We rebuild websites to cut 500-millisecond SSL site drag. It’s painful.

What matters is load time for best user experience. Scores are meaningless. Performance grades don’t affect SEO. Page size affects mobile bandwidth and data rate consumption. The number of requests doesn’t matter as much since they often load in parallel.

The YouTube video preloads fonts, ads, tracking beacons, recommended videos, etc. The heavy load added by one single video slows a page around 500 milliseconds. The best solution is to lazy load the video using a plugin.

Twenty nineteen theme doesn’t load Google fonts. This is a speed benefit. A mobile system font stack loads fast. The authors designed Twenty nineteen for mobile users and speed.

Speed improved 50 milliseconds with caching. A 10 percent improvement for extreme optimization.

The heaviest plugins in this tutorial load in around 17 milliseconds. Very fast. Many are less than one millisecond. WordPress core is 120 milliseconds. The Twenty-nineteen theme loads in 15 milliseconds. Twenty nineteen is the fastest theme on the planet – once stripped using plugins. No coding needed. Amazing!


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