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Updated: April 2019

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Normally, we write about releases of default themes – and we torture test it for speed. Not so in the 2018 year. Why? Gutenberg delayed Twenty-eighteen theme completion schedule. The powers that be said, “Spring 2018” for introduction. That never happened.

Twenty-nineteen theme‘s official release was October 16, 2018. There is no Twenty-eighteen theme. A hole in the dynastic chain. So someone pounce on that theme name! Great opportunity to confuse the world. And perhaps make money from it.

Time limitations may cause temporary removal of Twenty Nineteen from WordPress core version 5.0. It’s set for a November 19, 2018 launch date – if it’s not ready in time – it’s a no-show.

Seriously! There’s so much controversy over the Gutenberg editor addition. Already plugins are announced to remove it.


Disable Gutenberg
Completely disables the Gutenberg block editor and enables the classic WordPress post editor (TinyMCE aka WYSIWYG) for lighter coding and simplicity.

We’re delighted. There’s rumors the controversy, disruption, and dislike of Gutenberg will fork WordPress. A project fork happens when developers take a copy of source code from one software package and start independent development on it. This creates a distinct and separate piece of software. That would help WordPress get their act together. Or create competition, improving quality for both versions.

There’s a fork of WordPress already in existence. It merely adds Composer support. Composer is a development tool. It’s a dependency manager for PHP.  Put simply, it’s for coders and programmers. It’s a method of not having to rely on third-party plugins. Everything is integrated into WordPress. That includes customized theme and plugin code. Updates then won’t overwrite any customizations. Do we care about this? No. It’s not part of our goals. We test and write about using WordPress plugins from the free directory.

The other fork was Ghost, a lightweight CMS based on WordPress. Plainly, speed and usability were motives for this fork. Instead, it was rebuilt with new code. Why? They got money from Kickstarter ($100,000+) and then Microsoft and others came on the scene as investors. Ghost is written in JavaScript client-side programming language. WordPress is written in PHP server-side programming language. Ghost’s authors claim it’s a CMS concentrated on publishing content. The idea for Ghost first appeared as a post on developer John O’Nolan’s blog back in November of 2012.

Independent tests show Ghost to be up to 1,900 percent faster than WordPress. What does that mean? In the amount of time it takes WordPress to respond to 1 request, Ghost already responded to 19 of them. Is this speed hype for product differentiation?

Does PagePipe use Ghost or Ghost’s $20-per-month servers? Nope. Do we recommend it? Nope. We have a point to prove: cheap, shared-hosting can be fast. Ghost’s Home-page loads in 2.8 seconds and TTFB is 1 second. Not good enough. Even GoDaddy’s better. PagePipe TTFB is 245 milliseconds. So Ghost’s server delays negate fancy speed claims. Most fast, free themes load in around 50 milliseconds. WordPress core is around 100 milliseconds. So Ghost’s boost in speed is theoretical or ivory-tower.

Since WordPress originated as a fork of b2/cafelog – and almost forked before with Ghost – it may fork in 2018 or 2019. Who knows? It depends upon how much users hate Gutenberg.

We’re watching closely the new fork called ClassicPress.

Meanwhile, don’t hold your breath. No Twenty-eighteen theme will be introduced by Automattic. Twenty-nineteen theme is Gutenberg-specific. We recommend two alternatives for speed:


thumbnail of THEME-ME-10-v1.compressed
THEME.ME: What is the fastest free theme? There are 5,100 free themes in the WordPress theme directory. Of those, only 1,602 are responsive. All the rest are fixed-width junk. How did we sort the remaining 1,602 free responsive themes to find the fastest loading?

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