Why we call ourselves PagePipe.

A web page is a document with its own address on the Internet. The pipe is a plumbing analogy for Internet bandwidth. Page data is similar to water flowing through a pipe. The pipe diameter is maximum throughput, information capacity, or digital data rate limit.

As the pipe increases, so does the amount of page data that can flow through in a given amount of time. The fatter the pipe, the more and faster pages can be sent through.

Pages travel through the pipe pretty fast – around two-thirds of the speed of light. A fat pipe means that more page information can travel in parallel. A narrow pipe can handle fewer and smaller amounts of page data, mainly in sequence one after the other, which slows down the transfers.

Using the pipe to its full potential requires page optimization. Optimization is the balancing of page aesthetics and speed. Achieving that balance for small-screen design is our speciality.

What others think of us:

"Steve, many thanks for your prompt reply. I really appreciate it. I have to now seriously look at ways to speed up the site and what is relevant content for the mobile market. My Google analytics show 75/25 in favour of mobile/tablet users" londontheatre1.com London

by - Neil Cheesman