Debunking web speed myths

We shoot down in flames mythical Google SEO promises.
The worst barrier to good user experience is a slow site.
Speed is web hospitality.


Visitors say PagePipe isn’t like any other snarky website. Here’s why our readers find our opinionated content binge-worthy:

  • ROI is high when buying our professional straight-talk ebook bundle.

  • Reduce your annual website overhead. $$$

  • Different and fresh workarounds for speed problem solving. What we teach and practice is unconventional and unique. We walk the talk.

  • Easy decision-making choosing your plugins and themes from the massive WordPress plugin and theme directory.

  • Real speed results researched by our staff. Not mythical web hearsay – or regurgitated Google fluff.

  • Save your money not buying renewable pro plugins by steering clear of wasteful speed pitfalls.

Our goal is getting people weaned from expensive VPN hosting, useless CDNs, and paid caching plugins – and onto lower cost servers. You can build a site to perform well on cheap servers. If we do it for you, you can often save our entire fee in the first year. Annual ROI is good for a well-built speed site.

48 percent of users think that companies that don’t have mobile-optimized websites don’t care about them.

Do You Trust Speed Tests?

All Green test scores. Scores with straight A scores. These bogus vanity metrics do not represent a good load time for your site speed. This client homepage loads in over 6 seconds on desktop – with perfect green scores. The goal is under 2 seconds!

OK. So. Here’s 3 ways to *get yer speed on*

We test and report
on plugin and theme speed potential. These open-source stratagems are our discoveries in the free WordPress online directories. You can learn how to speed up your site without coding by reading PagePipe blog articles.

Browse hundreds of free articles on WordPress optimization and mobile speed.


“One of the best websites about site speed I’ve ever read is by Steve Teare. If you’re looking for a way to DIY site speed, read his site. It’s an absolute gem (and Steve is a great guy and writer).”
Jon Dykstra,

2: Get Your Site Cranked Up

2Site-tuning Services
U.S. $499.

Speed services for anyone not wanting to get their hands dirty or take unnecessary risks. Instead of band-aid approaches, we drill down to the root cause of your slow site. This is Origin Optimization. To do this, we analyze site components and find improvement opportunities.


3: Plugin Speed Tricks

We sell 12 different ebooks about our research findings. These reports reveal plugin equivalents or substitutes. If you’re ready to give your WordPress site wings, here are powerful tools to speed up your site. Our ideas substitute costly popular plugins and alternative themes. They save you recurring annual *rent* for pro plugins and themes.

Some of the most popular WordPress plugins, themes and ideas are toxic for mobile speed. Slow sites frustrate users and hurt your web business. PagePipe is about speed hospitality. We help you speed up your WordPress websites. You’ll save money substituting expensive premium *rentable* plugins with free ones.

Get under 2-second load times on shared hosting with free plugins and themes. No CDN required.