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Contact Form 7 is the heaviest contact form plugin.

Contact Form 7

This is a heavy plugin causing site drag – even when the shortcode isn’t used on any page of your site. It isn’t the heaviest form plugin but it’s one of them. Instead of making you get rid of it in shame, let’s keep it and use selective activation.

Selective activation limits plugin functions to only relevant pages. Sweet. We don’t have to slow the entire site. We use our fork of an obscure plugin called “Plugin Logic.” The PagePipe branded plugin is SpeedSwitch. We sell it as part of a speed kit.

In theory, we should selectively activate the same URLs for the Contact Form 7 Salesforce Pro plugin. But you tell us. Is it used on other pages?

Deselect Recaptcha in the Contact Form 7 plugin. It adds 500 to 1000 millisecond delays to all pages and post. It should not be used.

Substitute the Gravity Forms plugin with a free Contact Form plugin. Create a central signup page with footer image link (offloading global page slowdowns). Selectively activate the form plugin for that page only.

We recommend selectively activating Captcha and Contact Form 7 so it only loads on the Contact page instead of globally.


Why two form plugins? WP Forms and Contact Form 7 should be redundant. We would selectively activate the form plugin only on the pages where used. We’d need your help in identifying those pages.


Contact Form 7 is the heaviest contact form and the oldest. We use a strategy to isolate it only on the contact page and selectively activate it there. But yif ou are hosted on WP Engine, they do not allow writing to the server htaccess file. That makes it so we can’t use this speed trick to our advantage. Changing to another contact form plugin from Contact Form 7 is usually cost-prohibitive.


Steve Teare
performance engineer
May 2021


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