Get rid of slow “block editor residue” after disabling Gutenberg with plugins.

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There are several ways to disable Gutenberg block editor. Why to do this is obvious. If you’ve used WordPress for a long time, the new editor is ANNOYING!

One alternative is using plugins to shut off Gutenberg block editor.  There are two plugin methods that work:

Disable Gutenberg plugin


Classic Editor plugin combined with Classic Editor Addon plugin

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or all the above.

That’s right. If Gutenberg randomly engages install all these 3 together. We’ve seen Gutenberg still present itself when turned off – and it’s real weird.


Do these completely get rid of slow Gutenberg calls? No. They don’t. There are two styles left enqueued by WordPress 5.0.1 and up. Look for these files in your test waterfall:


and for themes like twenty-seventeen updated since Gutenberg introduction:


If you consider these two files a small matter, then examine your heart as a true speed demon. On an optimized homepage with 20 requests – removing 2 calls is a 10 percent reduction. For speed, we’ll take that bonus and dump the “block” deadwood.

How do you dequeue (remove) styles? We recommend using the Asset Queue Manager plugin. Or the WordPress Assets Manager plugin. Our preference is Assets Queue Manager even though it’s not updated for years. Don’t be afraid of that lack of freshness. It means it’s never broken!

Both plugins allow you to dequeue assets from the front side of your website when logged in. That’s oddly different – but it works.

Control Panel dropdown from front side of homepage:



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April 2021


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