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Google Fonts

Google fonts are adding as much as 6 seconds to page load for simple utility fonts like Noto sans and Open Sans. We recommend removing Google Fonts with a plugin. Or substituting in code with a system font stack.



Replace Google fonts with a mobile-system font stack for speed.

Don’t use Lato font but substitute a mobile system font stack or even websafe fonts like Arial. Normally, we disable the Google fonts with a plugin. But that won’t work in your case because of theme and Customizer settings. Your team will need to implement this if you choose.


Using Open Sans Google Fonts produces 5 requests per page. If is removed with a plugin, the theme fallback is a default serif font. This is odd. It should be a sans-serif in the CSS font stack but it’s not. You can set fonts in the Customizer. The theme option to use is “Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif.”

If you are using the font-family (stack): Poppins, Roboto, Arial, sans-serif. We recommend deactivating Google Fonts with a plugin and let the font Arial take it’s place. Your H2 font is Bigshot One. It would be replaced by the default cursive browser font. This may be Comic Sans, an undesirable font. This would require some custom CSS to solve. We don’t do that repair as part of speed testing.


Replace Google fonts with a mobile-system font stack for speed.


Using the font-family: Gothic A1 and Rosarivo. We recommend deactivating Google Fonts with a plugin and let the font sans-serif default take it’s place.

Open Sans and Noto Sans font could be replaced with a system font. We can disable it but we don’t do font substitutions. That fix usually requires custom CSS coding.


The following 17 Google fonts are being called (requested) from remote servers. This slows down the site. More fonts are being called than normal (only a few).

Roboto, Roboto Condensed, Raleway, Open+Sans, Open+Sans italic, Poppins italic regular, 500, 500 italic, 600, 600italic, 700, 700italic, 800, 800italic, 900, 900italic, Montserrat


Six-instances of Montserrat font could be replaced with a system font in GeneratePress (the default font is a mobile system font stack). The fonts are being lazy loaded so it causes no delay on desktops. But there is still extra page weight going through remote mobile connections. Our recommendation is using a mobile system font stack when possible. Select it in the WordPress Customizer.


Steve Teare
performance engineer
May 2021


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