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1A list of chronic speed misinformation.
Certain falsehoods about web speed get repeated over and over on blogs. They drive us crazy. Can we get rid of these mythical speed ideas? We doubt it. But we’ll feel better if we inform you of “propaganda” that’s unwittingly passed along. Read more >

2How plugins actually affect speed.
Your plugin choices affect website speed. But how much plugins affect load time varies from a thousandth of a second to seconds. A page load time of under 2 seconds is a good goal. Half our performance budget is for a theme and plugins. It also includes cloud-based, widgets like Google Analytics, Google Fonts, and Facebook. The other one-second is for branding the site with images and video. Read more >

3How speed does NOT affect your Google page rank.
Studies such as those from Moz show site speed is a small part of Google ranking factor. Nothing suggests it improves SEO more than 1 percent. We agree that page load time is not the SEO killer many make it out to be. Speed is about good user experience. Read more >

4Plugins that speed up WordPress.
It’s a myth that using many plugins will slowdown your website. Being sloppy in judging plugin quality or necessity is the culprit. That’s within a designer’s control. It calls for wisdom and speed testing. The best plugins add no page weight at all – weightlessness! Read more >

5Easy ways to improve web speed with image optimization.
When you’re working hard to optimize a website, you learn that image file size is an important detail for speed. Many publishers haven’t the time to learn Photoshop or other image editing programs. Automated optimizers are the next best thing and can speed your production. But which ones do a good job and how good is good enough? Big questions. Read more >

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Speed eBooks — and Do-It-Yourself speed advice

Learn how the most popular plugins and ideas waste your time – and hurt web speed. Includes important tips for mobile speed without coding. The assumption is “popularity” is good. For plugins, that is usually decided by looking at the number of active installs. Active installs is not a sign of quality or performance. It’s a standard of herd mentality.

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We sell 12 different
downloadable issues about our research findings. These reports reveal clone equivalents or substitutes. If you’re ready to give your WordPress site wings, here are powerful tools to speed up your site. Our open-source ideas substitute costly popular plugins and alternative themes. They save you recurring annual *rent* for pro plugins and themes.

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We test and report
on plugin and theme speed potential. These open-source stratagems are our discoveries in the free WordPress online directories. You can learn how to speed up your site without coding by reading PagePipe blog articles.

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We offer a free online four-part speed test
to help you check your websites. The Test includes: Time to First Byte (server response), Load-time Speed, Percent Image Weight, and Shared Hosting. How good is good enough?

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