Truth: WordPress Warp Speed


We obsess over milliseconds for mobile WordPress website speed.

Fastest Small-screen WordPress

What is good-enough web speed? Reality just doesn’t match up to the gospel speed evangelists are preaching. Google is often the biggest hypocrite of all when it comes to misleading people about web speed and quality. But you know that truth already.

PagePipe WordPress website loads in 633 milliseconds on shared, cheap GoDaddy hosting (Pingdom testing).

All milliseconds spent loading website components add up to seconds. Super-fast load times on WordPress potentially create pretty boring websites devoid of graphic elements. It’s all about balancing speed and aesthetics. We’re fanatic about WordPress performance budgets of under 2 seconds.

What’s your WordPress site performance budget?

You have 1 second for loading your WordPress theme (including plugins and third-party widgets). And one extra second for budgeted graphics and images. That’s it. Only two seconds.

Above: One of many websites we’ve optimized for mobile WordPress speed. Click the image to visit our case-study library.

Do people even care about WordPress speed for mobile?

Our Home page on a mobile device.

Everyone hates slow loading mobile pages, but WordPress site owners seem apathetic. In fact, only 45,000 PagePipe visitors per year step up to investigate our optimization challenge. Pretty humbling number. Some sites have that many visitors in a day – or even in an hour. So you’re important to us. Yes, you! We aren’t monetizing our site with slow-loading ads. We aren’t selling video seminars or PDF downloads. So what’s in it for us? And for you?

PagePipe’s goal isn’t changing one million websites.

Our goal is to change one site. One at a time. We only need to influence one person to make the web world a better place. That person might be you.

Improve the Internet one site at a time? Are we crazy?

That’s a pretty grueling mission. It takes grit. We want your feedback via a few emails. We want your requests for speed-optimization help and advice. That fuels our fire. So email us today.

We’ll advise you for free on how to solve your WordPress speed problem.

Email us and include your website address (URL). We promise to email you back suggestions within 48 hours.

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