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Updraft Plus

Load Time: 50 milliseconds

If you are not using Updraft Plus, it should be removed. It causes 26 milliseconds of site drag.

Should be removed. It is no longer unused.

We use this free plugin on PagePipe. We set the backup to happen weekly and during low-traffic hours. How much it affects your site is dependent on the size of the media library. We use a special plugin and strategy to trim down media library backups.

Exclude Image Thumbnails From UpdraftPlus Backups plugin


If you need to restore, use Regenerate Thumbnails plugin to rebuild the thumbnails.


It appears you are not using UpDraft Plus plugin to store on remote servers like Dropbox. It’s not good practice to backup on the same server on which you host your site.

You have two backup plugins installed you only need one (or none if using a backup service).


Steve Teare
performance engineer
May 2022


PagePipe Site Tuning Services for Speed

Instead of band-aid approaches, we drill down to the root cause of your slow site. This is origin optimization. Also known as site tuning. To do this, we analyze site components:

  • Hosting
  • Theme
  • Plugins
  • Scripts and third-party services.
  • Images and media library.
  • We minimize globally loading plugin effects.

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