Advanced Custom Fields pro & speed

Advanced Custom Fields pro
This plugin causes some slowdowns. It has no substitute. It isn’t a major concern. At a future date, you may want to consider rebuilding without using it.

Investigating the HT Access file far-futures expiry & speed

HT Access file

Far-futures expiry date should be set for cached assets. With no “max age” set in the .htaccess file, assets are stored for too short of a time. We recommend a 1-year expiration. The HT Access file is full of code. We don’t like seeing this much code in this file. It’s not a danger. It is indicative of plugins reading and writing to the server. This can cause delays. We include the contents for your inspection. We don’t make code alterations to this file.

WP Mail SMTP & speed


This plugin is authored by WPForms. We doubt you can remove it as it is integral to how you handle forms.

WP Forms Lite & speed

WP Forms Lite
This is the site’s heaviest and popular form plugin. The heaviest plugin are usually the most popular. Why? We don’t know. But there is a direct correlation between plugin size and active installs. A PDF download explains form options.

We realize you may use this plugin for business reasons beyond email correspondence since it is a programmable plugin. How we would speed up your site depends upon how and where you are using the forms.

Facebook pixels and counters & speed


More remote delays. We ask: “Is Facebook making you money – or taking traffic away?”

Google Ad Services & speed

“Ads are always the worst code on the Internet, and once you include them you can’t really be accountable for performance anymore.”
—Matt Mullenweg: WordPress founder, August 2015

Animated GIFs & speed


There are animated GIFs on the site. We recommend compression using online compression tools and reduce the weight. For example, Coastal.gif weighs 6.1 megabytes. It can be compressed to 1.8 megabytes using

WP Hosting & speed


This is not a preferred host for speed. Their server overhead (TTFB) is about 800 milliseconds. A good TTFB (time to first byte) is 100 to 200 milliseconds. The average is 500 milliseconds. Poor is 750 milliseconds and bad is over 1 second. Other hosts like SiteGround have erratic TTFB which sometimes is 200 milliseconds – but most often is 1.7 seconds. So they claim the better specification and ignore the speed errors.

WP Hosting’s homepage TTFB is 107 milliseconds. tested with ByteCheck.

But 6 consecutive test of your site show:

ByteCheck 831ms, 927ms, 878ms, 924ms, 866ms, 846ms

They are using a sweet server for their homepage hosting but not yours. You are not sharing your server with anyone. It should be fast.

The speed secret: they are using Fastly CDN and Cloudflare CDNs on their page but not yours. Fastly services charge based on traffic and bandwidth usage. And Cloudflare is $200 per month estimated.

In other words, they throw money at their homepage speed problem – but not yours.

WooCommerce & speed


When WooCommerce is used on a website, usually we have to relax the speed goal from 2 seconds to 3 seconds. WooComerce is a heavy plugin and activates the Ajax code library. These make slows the site.

REFERENCE: attachment file PDF “WooComa”

The7 theme & speed

This site is using the second slowest theme. The worst is Divi. We have a blog post about The7 and its problems on PagePipe.


The7 theme uses a pagebuilder and has a heavy slider that loads globally on all pages and posts of the site. The theme was originally created in 2013. Things have changed. The7 wasn’t built to specifications for today’s fast mobile websites. But rebuilding this site would not be cost-effective.

The current speed strategy is using a lightweight theme, like Astra, GeneratePress, or Twenty Twenty One default theme. These themes do not use Google fonts. Instead, they load a mobile system font stack. There are no slow requests to remote servers but resident fonts are used depending upon the user device. If built cautiously, the site may not even require activating jQuery since these speed themes don’t require it.

Media File Renamer & speed

Media File Renamer is usually only used during media library maintenance. It can be placed on standby by deactivating the plugin. It isn’t needed all the time.

Really Simple SSL & speed

Really Simple SSL may or may not be needed any more. Most likely not. If so, it can be deleted. It is used to eliminate mixed media errors. Those can be handled by media library changes. Then the plugin can be deleted.

Mojo Marketplace & speed

Mojo Marketplace is a plugin installed by BlueHost. It’s intent is to upsell themes and plugins. It should be deleted. It serves no site function.

Genesis Studio Pro & speed

When the theme is Genesis Studio Pro. It slows down every page by 65 milliseconds. A fast theme is Twenty-nineteen default. It loads in 15 milliseconds. Most free default themes are fast. Other fast free themes include GeneratePress and Astra. These all load in around 20 to 40 milliseconds. The pro versions are twice as slow (about 50 milliseconds). But we don’t recommend changing your theme at this time. A bad theme is Divi. It loads in 1 second.

Spinner & speed


Your site uses a preloader. The preloader spinner is indicative of a bloated page. When people see it spin, they will click away. It’s a crutch and shouldn’t be used. Desktop pages load slow – but we tested the homepage on a “live” mobile device connection. Not a simulator. We timed the spinner for over a minute before the page rendered. Very bad mobile UX.

Thumbnail Images & speed

Thumbnail Images

The theme appears to create 10 different images sizes for thumbnails. This can bloat up the media library. It is only a problem if the media library becomes so bulky it affects backup restorations. Just be aware. They are hidden files and not shown in the media library by design. They are on the server regardless if they’re used on pages or post.

We use a plugin to suppress backing up thumbnails and then rebuild them with a plugin after restoring aback.

Media Player & speed

Media Player

You’re using MediaElement Player for audio playback. This is slowing down pages by 1 second. WordPress has a native audio player that causes no delays.

Typekit & speed

Some fonts (ITC Galliard, a serif font, specifically in the header and signage) are loaded from remote third-party servers. This technique is causing 700-millisecond to 1-second delays on some pages. We can’t fix this. We recommend your designers find alternative fonts and eliminate Typekit usage. A good choice would be Georgia serif websafe font. A design compromise.

oEmbed & speed

Presently, oEmbed is being used to import Vimeo video. It would be better to use Lazy Load for Videos plugin. We usually disable oEmbed functions when unneeded.



Presently, oEmbed is being used to import Vimeo video. It would be better to use Lazy Load for Videos plugin. We usually disable oEmbed functions when unneeded.



Disable Emojis & speed

Disable emojis

This plugin disables the WordPress emoji functionality. GDPR friendly. We use this plugin all the time! Emojis slowdown page loads.

Duplicate Post & speed

Duplicate Post
This plugin allows users to clone posts of any type, or copy them to new drafts for further editing. We wonder if you are using it. If not, remove it. It’s usually only used during maintenance or migrations.

WP Sync DB & speed

WP Sync DB

This plugin is used when migrating a database. It was used moving the website most likely and can be deactivated or removed. Leaving it activated is unnecessary. It’s a maintenance plugin.

WP Sync DB Media Files

WP Sync DB eliminates the manual work of migrating a WP database. Again, this plugin is used only after a migration and should be removed or disabled.

Stream & speed

This plugin gives traceability of administrative site changes. It maintains a database on the server. If you need it, keep it. But be aware it will slow the site. How much? It depends upon site activity. So we don’t know exactly.

Safe SVG & speed

Safe SVG

Enables SVG uploads and sanitizes them to stop XML/SVG vulnerabilities in your WordPress website. We don’t use SVG vector-based images on speed websites. There is no provable advantage or support data this format is better than other conventional image formats. We consider it faddish. It takes specialize knowledge to create and babysit SVG. Are we recommending you stop using SVGs? No. We just don’t find it best practice. It’s overkill. This plugin may no longer be used. If so, remove it.

Redirection & speed


We use this plugin. Redirects slowdown page load time but they can’t be avoided to maintain a site and stay sane. Redirects can be handled in the server .htaccess file. We don’t recommend this method unless you understand how that server file is used and edited.

IWP Client & speed

IWP Client

This plugin communicates with your InfiniteWP Admin Panel. Are you managing WordPress multisite? Only you would know it’s value. If it’s unused, we recommend removing it.

Duplicator backup plugin & speed

We do not recommend this backup plugin. You must have the pro version to restore.

If this plugin is only used for migration, we recommend disabling it until needed. If you’re using it for backups, that means it must stay.

If you don’t need a backup plugin, we recommend disabling them or removing them for speed.

Regenerate Thumbnails & speed

Regenerate Thumbnails

This plugin adds a few milliseconds to every page and post of your site. We recommend disabling it. Only activate it during maintenance to add internal links. It doesn’t need to be activated all the time. This is how we use the free version of this plugin. Only activate it when needed for troubleshooting.

WP User Avatar & speed

WP User Avatar
If you use avatars, this is the way to do it for speed. Good job. Host them locally. Avatars normally hosted from Gravatar delay loads up to 1 second in worst conditions.

Podcaster theme & speed

Podcaster is a fast theme. It loads in about 61 milliseconds. For comparison, a fast theme is Twenty-nineteen or Twenty-twenty-one default (but not Twenty Twenty theme!). Twenty Nineteen loads in 15 milliseconds. Most free default themes are fast. Other fast free themes include GeneratePress, Kadence, and Astra. These all load in around 20 to 40 milliseconds. The pro versions are twice as slow (about 50 milliseconds more). A bad theme is Divi. It loads in 1 second. We wouldn’t change your theme at this time.

TTFB & speed

TTFB time to first byte is server overhead. Your TTFB is 235 milliseconds or better. The bulk of the delay is SSL handshaking.

“On average anything with a TTFB under 100 ms is fantastic. Anything between 200 – 500 ms is standard and anything between 500 ms and 1 s is less than ideal. Anything greater than 1 s should likely be investigated further. Jan 28, 2020” – KeyCDN

Broken Link Checker & speed

This plugin should not be left activated. Only use it for maintenance. It slows down the server. This plugin is blacklisted on many host because of the load it puts on servers.


Enable Media Replace & speed

Enable Media Replace

We like this plugin. We use it on PagePipe. We like the ShortPixel company. Their people are nice. Keep this plugin deactivated until needed for maintenance or media repair work. That’s how we use it. It slows down the site while not doing anything. The same as leaving the light on in the attic.

The same goes for disabling other maintenance-related plugins. Turn them on only when you need them.

Olark Live Chat & speed

Olark Live Chat

We’ve never seen a chat plugin that doesn’t slow down pages big time usually 1-second addition to pages. This is our first encounter with Olark. It’s on our list but we’ve never tested it. We do have data from others who have (see link below). Some site owners confess they only put chat on the site to appear cool and trendy. They then dump it when they find out the speed cost. If you’re making money with it, fine. Keep it.


Envato Market plugin & speed

Envato Market plugin

This plugin is the theme author selling you their products. It performs no function. We recommend removing it.

This plugin is for installing a theme from a vendor. It slows down your site and is not needed. We recommend you deactivate it or remove it.

Litespeed Cache & speed

Litespeed Cache
This plugin is deactivated. We recommend using it and not using Cloudflare free services. We use LiteSpeed servers when we build speed sites. It requires server account access to make the settings. We don’t do this as part of speed tuning.



We notice that LiteSpeed Cache plugin is deactivated. We’ve had good results using LiteSpeed server caching. If it’s available with your host, we recommend using it if possible.