What is a service event?

After the 30-day warranty period, you’ll be billed $55 per support event. No other charges are incurred unless you want new services. Maintenance-and-support events encourage batch processing of changes. Example: If you do maintenance twice a year, add $55 x 2 events = $110. There is no annual minimum fee. Payment for services fees are NET 10 days by check or online via PayPal.

This is unconventional – but fair.


When you request four site changes, they’re all considered one “service event.” On the other hand, if you have us do one in July, one in August, one in September, and one in October; they are then considered four separate events and $55 each via PayPal.  By batch processing (delayed gratification), you pay $55 and the other (impatient), you pay $220.

If you request changes causing negative user experience or bad profitability, we’ll try to talk you out of it. In the end, you control “wants” versus “needs.” We’ll defend proven best practices. But we can’t save all people from themselves even though we try.

Event processing encourages batching minor changes. Those usually aren’t urgent. This cuts down the noise in our life – and saves you money. Most developers charge an annual retainer fee around $250 to $500, plus hourly rates. We don’t do that.

In the past 5 years, our service rates changed from $35 to $45 per event. That was last year. It is now $55 per event. Most sites rarely need service maintenance. Site owners are only penalized for sloppy or forgetful behaviors. Then we share the pain.

We can’t control the WordPress world. If an open-source author makes a change to a theme or plugin or WordPress itself and it breaks your new site, we still must charge to fix it. If changes are too much or too big, like redecorating the site or tweaking for weird SEO ploys, those are bid as new or extra work.

We’re tolerant guys but not a bottomless pit of charity.

If you are unfamiliar with WordPress, we can coach you a bit. But that’s limited training. If you need more, we recommend watching YouTube tutorials. You’ll find it simple once your comfort level goes up. There’s always a learning curve for new things. So be patient with yourself and know others mastered these things.