GreenGeeks hosting migration yields impressive speed results.

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Stefan Ivanovski reports performance improvement – and boasts 100 Google Compliance scores. Even though he knows scores are vanity metrics.

Stephan’s speed tuning experience.

I had great service with my host before, BigScoots. I was on their managed WP starter plan ($34.95 a month). It was very expensive, but customer service went above and beyond. I have no complaints about their service. It was too much for my budget.

On Webtools Pingdom, Washington DC servers, I was loading my front page ( in about 800ms. Before BigScoots, I was on SiteGround and the Time to First Byte (TTFB) was off the charts. Nothing reasonable was helping.

Once I moved to GreenGreeks*, I started loading the front page in about 400 to 600ms on the DC Server. I was able to shave off 200 to 400 ms.

Also, the Google Page scores improved a bit after moving to GreenGeeks. Before they were around 90 for mobile and now they are 99 — sometimes 100. I am on the GreenGeeks Pro Shared plan. I’m quite pleased with the speed and results.

So far, I pay less but get more.

I built my website following your tips outlined in your PagePipe ebooks. I took some turns on my own to simplify the website building experience. Like getting the GeneratePress Premium theme.

Anyways, I tested the website on Google PageSpeed Insights. I know it’s vanity, but I got better scores than {big smile}

100 perfect score for mobile test – PageSpeed Insights by Google
100 perfect score for desktop test – PageSpeed Insights by Google

I guess you are to blame for this achievement!

Thank you, Steve!

You are a WordPress Rockstar. You teach practice. Others preach platitudes.

Stefan Ivanovski

Founder & CEO of Lifestyle Democracy

Master of City Planning, University of Pennsylvania, 2015
International Relations and Spanish, Bucknell University, 2012

*Recommended in our free technical guide: “Slow Web Hosting Sucks

Thanks for sharing your speed tuning experience, Stephan.


Steve Teare
performance engineer
November 2021


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