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Rank Math adds 77.3 milliseconds of load time to all pages. The main concern is the database activity. It’s a heavy plugin meaning it talks to the database a lot. It’s a dynamic plugin. This would affect TTFB. But so far, we’ve not encountered any reason in the real world of website repair to remove it. It is benign.

Over 1 million people use it. They couldn’t be wrong. Could they?

Leave it activated. It’s of minor concern.

Rank Math claims it’s optimized for maximum performance. Uh. 77.3 milliseconds is the equivalent of adding 77 discrete plugins. Is it better than Yoast SEO for speed? Absolutely. That plugin is 200 to 300 milliseconds. But being faster that Yoast is nothing to brag about.


Steve Teare
performance engineer
January 2022


PagePipe Site Tuning Services for Speed

Instead of band-aid approaches, we drill down to the root cause of your slow site. This is origin optimization. Also known as site tuning. To do this, we analyze site components:

  • Hosting
  • Theme
  • Plugins
  • Scripts and third-party services.
  • Images and media library.
  • We minimize globally loading plugin effects.

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