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A common WordPress problem: the host server won’t allow the site to send email via their normal default methods. Then we need to use SMTP. Sometimes a host like GoDaddy prohibits using an email from the site that is also the email used for GoDaddy account registration. Security overkill and a pain in the patootie. Then SMTP is the solution.

But a money problem is SMTP requires monthly SMTP service fees like SendInBlue or others. These services also slow down a site because of remote server requests and beacon pings (handshaking). They can cost $15 to $25 per month. Gak!

Sendinblue offers an SMTP relay service (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) on its forever free plan with a sending limit of 300 emails a day. But having experimented with this before, the setup is gross and tedious.


The problem we’ll solve is getting email responses from quiz. Right now, it’s ccing Matt. But fails to send to me using the Administration Email Address in WordPress ( He then has to forward the results to me. A hassle and a delay.

I’ve never been successful in changing the administrator email. Why? Web voodoo.

GreenGeeks, our host, recommends using a free Google Gmail account and a plugin solution: WP Gmail SMTP. It is already installed but not active.

The tutorial is here:

And the plugin download and description here:

zip file download size: Almost 1MB. So a heavy plugin.

The email we’ll be using is:

The quiz plugin is Quiz And Survey Master.

We consider it a fat plugin (almost a 2MB download) but it’s an easy solution and the only database intensive plugin on the site.

We’ll need to login to the “Black Unicorn” Google account:

Let’s slay this dragon.


Steve Teare
performance engineer
May 2022


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