Terms of Work and Limitations

“It was truly a great experience working alongside such an outstanding team of web gurus. Both Steve (https://pagepipe.com) and Matt (http://sterndesign.co) not only met my expectations but went far beyond that and really exceeded those. They’ve took a very detailed approach as if it would be their own project. Great attention to details. I’m extremely happy with the job quality. Definitely 10 out of 10. And I’m looking forward to work with that amazing team of professionals again in the near future!” — Yuri Khlystov, BEIJING China

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We rebuild existing sites for speed improvement. Our work is a fix-bid contract. We base our prices on complexity. The terms of our work are below.

We also do speed testing services. Or you can learn to do it yourself from our plugin-alternative ebook bundle. Or you can also buy the SpeedHospital speed-skills bundle.

REFERENCE: https://speedhospital.org/wordpress-speed-tuning/

REFERENCE: https://pagepipe-ebooks.com/

REFERENCE: https://speedhospital.org/

Our goal is for websites to stay out of the way of a good user experience. Functionality supersedes aesthetics. We strive for a credible but transparent appearance. We don’t want people admiring “cool art” and distracting them from why they’re on your site. Unless you sell cool art, of course. Simplicity and utility are best for speed – and sales. “Look” is important but not THE most important.

We don’t publish a client portfolio because site-owner whim changes. We don’t control that. They aren’t always indicative of our current speed work. We publish some case studies at: https://sterndesign.co/

Steve Teare
PagePipe performance engineer

Matt Stern
collaborative web designer

All fees and expenses are “fixed bid.” There is no extra charge for minor changes made during the project (unlimited revisions.) We work until the job is done or 90-days from deposit. If a project goes beyond 90 days, the project fees will be renegotiated.

A. RECONSTRUCTION or NEW SITES: Payment is made via PayPal (Friend Money Request) – or mail with check or money order. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required before we start for speed site rebuilds or new site work. The balance 10 days after final approval. Make your deposit check payable to: Steve Teare, Address: Studio Office, 100 East Bluff Street, Palouse, Washington 99161. PayPal payments can be arranged in advance.

B:  SITE TUNING (plugin surgery): 100 percent deposit with 50 percent refund if site speed cannot be improved. Payment via PayPal accepted.

There are no setup charges. The web engineering fees include free site revisions / maintenance for 30 days after launch. We do not coach about hooking up email. Tutorials about email are available online.

After the 30-day warranty period, you’ll be billed $55 per support event. No other charges are incurred unless you want new services. Maintenance-and-support events encourage batch processing of changes. Example: If you do maintenance twice a year, add $55 x 2 events = $110. There is no annual minimum fee. Payment for service fees are NET 10 days by check or online via PayPal. More definition of a service events.

A 50% non-refundable deposit is due in advance. Final payment is due NET 10 days after final project approval. This doesn’t apply to site tuning. Only website construction or rebuilds.

We may link to your site for advertising purposes (demonstration). We may use a screen capture of your pages in our online portfolio or blog.

Each revision is reviewed by you or your designated agent for changes, revisions, and approvals.

7. B. Logotype artwork.
We use client supplied logo artwork only if it meets our criteria for best web practices for design and speed. Otherwise, we provide site icons. We do not supply high-resolution 300-dpi artwork for print projects unless it is specified as separate extra work (fees apply).

We may acquire certain confidential information regarding your present and contemplated activities. We will not divulge or disclose such confidential information to others.

In all respects, our relationship to you is that of an independent contractor.

Our liability for any loss or damage in connection with a project from any cause, including our negligence, shall not exceed the total fee paid.

Communications occur as needed by email, phone, Skype, or Zoom voice correspondence. Skype and Zoom are downloadable freeware.

Prior to deposit, you may need to fill out some simple questionnaires to help us research the project.

You’ll review changes or revisions. We will continue to revise the project until you’re satisfied. Should the 90-day project work period expire, fees must be renegotiated. Production delays are discouraged. Performance engineering is a time-limited process. If you desire to discontinue the web project, for any reason, you must pay 30 percent of the original estimate as an additional project kill fee.

Testing is done on Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Opera using Linux, WIN-PC, and Apple Mac OS and iOS operating systems. Screen tests are done on phone simulators, iPad and Android tablet and, also, on 19″ LCD desktop monitors. We make reasonable efforts to standardize the site. There is no way we can test or guarantee for every single past-and-future browser or device. Speed tests and reports are done on WebPagetest.org or GTMetrix.com. We do not use Google PageSpeed Insight scores for benchmarking.

Beside Internet access, you’ll benefit from the following freeware tools for easier communicating together: 1. email client capable of sending and receiving attachments (like Gmail), 2. a PDF reader, 3. web browser (like Chrome), and 4. a screen capture utility. These are not all necessary – but helpful.

By signing this agreement, you acknowledge that PagePipe.com neither owns nor governs the actions of any search engine. You also acknowledge that due to fluctuations in the relative competitiveness of some search terms, recurring changes in the search engine algorithms and other competitive factors, it is impossible to guarantee number one rankings or consistent top ten rankings, or any other specific rankings for any particular search term.

Should any clause of the contract be found to be illegal, unenforceable, or invalid, the rest of the contract will remain valid. This agreement is subject to the laws of Washington State, USA.

I have read this agreement and agree to the terms.

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