36 speed-optimization competitors boast and brag.

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Beware: Many internet con artist’s sell speed.

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]nstalling WP Rocket caching plugin – and charging suckers $100 for that is not a service. WP Rocket is a plugin you can buy for $49 annually. But speed tricksters don’t pay that price.

They buy all-you-can-eat “unlimited installations” of WP Rocket plugin. That has a special $199 price tag. Meaning: it costs them almost nothing per-site installation. The client-gotcha is this: a scammer doesn’t pay for future annual renewals. This leaves the client holding the bag the next year.

WP Rocket homepage

These frauds list each automated feature of WP Rocket plugin as a separate ala carte service item. This deception is snake oil.

These overpriced practices don’t produce minimal load time improvement. They give real speed professionals a bad reputation. If you think marking up a mere plugin installation is a good business strategy, have mercy! Don’t do this to site owners. It’s a ripoff.

Competitor WordPress Speed Optimization Services

Eight common observations of speed-service competitors:

[dropcap]1[/dropcap]Prices start low. Typically around $100. The high end is around $1,000. But many insist on bidding services and won’t give a fixed price. For some fees, the sky is the limit. Or they insist on expensive add-ons increasing the annual site break even. They usually get an affiliate reward for pushing clients toward these extra services. These are things like:

  • paid plugins
  • paid themes
  • paid services like CDN
  • special hosting

[dropcap]2[/dropcap]All 35 homepages have a title saying, “WordPress speed optimization services.”
But one said, “Turn your slow WordPress site into a supercharged powerhouse.” Better promise but still not quantifiable. Unprovable claim. “Optimization” sounds like a jargon buzzword. They don’t have a motivating benefits-oriented headline.

Tons of rocket logos. And the second-place cliche logo is a timer or gauge.
With flames, of course.

[dropcap]4[/dropcap]The slow irony. Page-design quality of these speed optimization service’s websites is fluffy and low credibility. Lots of popups and chats. Most sites advertising speed services – actually load very slow. We list the initial load time of each one below using a browser timer. Not “walking the talk” is evidence of inferior services.

They don’t teach speed strategy. They just do site tune-ups. Hands – but not shared brains. You don’t get consultation or education.

[dropcap]6[/dropcap]Competitor services focus on Google PageSpeed Insight test scores. Improving scores doesn’t necessarily improve speed. We’ve seen pages that get all-green 100 scores that load in 12 seconds. Crazy slow!

REFERENCE: http://pagepipe.com/wpfaster-com-10-speed-changes-for-1985-do-them-yourself-with-free-plugins/

The only performance metric that counts is improving speed in milliseconds. Not a cached speed. We’re talking about unprimed cache. That’s a first-time visitor’s experience. That’s what counts – first impressions of site quality. Some speed competitors focus on reducing the number of requests a page calls. They consider that a good-enough metric indicating speed improvement. Again, request reduction doesn’t guarantee improved load time in milliseconds. Vanity scores and requests are secondary compared to actual load time in milliseconds. The goal (performance budget) is loading a real page in under 2000 milliseconds.

[dropcap]7[/dropcap]Bait-and-Switch Tactics
They attract potential customers by advertised low-priced items. But then encourage buying a higher-priced speed option. Nasty!

REFERENCE: http://pagepipe.com/review-sitegrounds-optimize-wordpress-speed-ebook/

[dropcap]8[/dropcap]Bogus SEO promises.
Speed service competitors in error claim speeding up a website improves SEO. There’s only a 0.5 percent benefit in page ranking algorithms from speed. Google speed mythology is not a valid reason to spend money on speed. The better reason is providing an excellent user experience. Speed is the primary and principal component of UX. Everyone hates a slow website. Speed is about the halo bias caused by a visitor’s first impressions.

pagepipe-ebooks.com – 750 milliseconds – $500

There are at least 8 noteworthy WordPress speed service competitors:


2.10 seconds – The WordPress Speed Optimization Service $158 to $1,397

990 milliseconds- WordPress speed optimization service $179 to $495

4.05 seconds – WordPress Speed Optimization Service $67 to $197 per month

1.58 seconds – WordPress Speed Optimization unpublished prices

5.30 seconds – WordPress Speed Optimization Service $177 to $447

2.64 seconds – WordPress Speed Optimization Service $89

1.24 seconds – WordPress Speed Optimization Service $200 to $300  –READ our review

3.43 seconds – WordPress Speed Optimization $220 to $1000

Less Honorable Mentions

$28 to $112 intelligizedigital.com

$950 revealize.com

$497 – www.teamwpsekure.com


$299 to $899-www.wodumedia.com

$150 to $600-www.911websiterepair.com

$149 to $449-counsellr.com

$100 to $350-wpjohnny.com

$100 to $150 – theseoadviser.com



$85 to $450-www.smartwpfix.com

$65 to $100-wordpressdeveloperonline.com



Steve Teare
performance engineer
May 2022


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