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For web businesses: The only web metric that counts is profit.

If all your metrics are great – and profit tanks. Guess what? Your site is disgusting. You’ve been chasing the wrong thing. Wasteful expenditure. You won’t be in business long.

If your homepage loaded in 2.78 seconds on a Firefox desktop browser connected with DSL, is that good? Is it good enough? Who sets the standard of goodness?

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he impatient people with the fattest wallets: they are the judges of quality. Not Google. Not you as site owner. Not your developer. Not your mother. Not PagePipe. Not Green scores.

But what if a subsequent page loads (say a post) is 6.92 seconds. Is that bad? We’re past the most critical first page. So the next-page delay doesn’t *feel* so bad. We’re engaged. Curious for more. Willing to wait a bit.

Reality check.

A WooCommerce site is considered good if it loads pages in under 3 seconds. The gold-standard goal is a 2-second load time. But “You don’t always get what you want, you get what you need.” –The Rolling Stones

With advertising onboard, good speed is tough. It’s out of your control. Third-party delays. Waiting in line.

The truth is a perceived “transparent page” needs to be under 1 second. Then page changes aren’t even noticed. But that isn’t possible using WordPress. Only a labor-intensive hand-coded custom site is that fast. Load time would be about 300 milliseconds. Would that make you rich? No. But it’d feel like reading a printed book. A real-feeling page turn. You still have to sell something people want. Content is the key. Relevant content. Stuff people have pain over.

There is no reason to be overly pained about site speed.

The Internet average page load time on remote mobile is 19 seconds on 3G connections. That is horrible. The supposed maximum wait for users is 10 seconds. 19 is way beyond that.

Anxiety sells speed. But does speed sell anything? Not directly. Speed is web hospitality. It’s being polite to users. It’s a feeling of quality. Somebody cared to deliver a good experience. It’s about humans — not machines.

All Green test scores. Scores with straight A scores. These bogus vanity metrics do not represent a good load time for your site speed. This client homepage loads in over 6 seconds on desktop – with perfect green scores. The goal is under 2 seconds!

Speed engineering is always a compromise.

The biggest speed problem: site-owner apathy. It’s not technical at all. It’s just a matter of awareness and caring.

Will you sleep better tonight? Now you know your site isn’t as bad as Google wants you to imagine it is.

Google extends everyone’s ulcer. No surprises here.


Steve Teare
performance engineer
May 2022


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