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You are a perfectionist. You like to solve hard puzzles. The harder the better. What puzzle could be harder to solve than resolving the differences in WordPress and mobile speed.

Perfectionism is a double-edge sword. It is good and bad obsession. It is unattainable.

It’s a search for multidimensional and multilayered achievement of unattainable ideals and unrealistic goals. Super complexity.

The pursuit of perfectionism can result in depression, stress, anxiety, and panic. It reflects low self-esteem. It leads to perpetual dissatisfaction. Striving for excellence can go too far and be unhealthy. It leads to attempts to avoid imperfection (humans). Isolation results. Hermetic loneliness. Maladaptive perfectionism is a prediction of neuroticism. It leads to being preoccupied with expecting perfection from others. Intolerance results.

Perfectionism protects us from feelings of low self-worth and possible rejection. I was a perfectionist most of my life. It was crippling. And some people came to despise me.

You do not have to be perfect to be worthy.

The defective aloofness and dishonesty you hate is found in pursuing perfectionism.

You will be seen as critical, rejecting, and ultimately find yourself internally defective. “The devil is inside you.” You will become highly sensitive to the potential for judgment and rejection in interpersonal encounters.

Perfectionism is not holistic. Perfectionistic self-presentation is a defensive tendency. Perfectionists become hypocritical and hypercritical of others, seeking the illusion of virtue to hide their own vices.

Six dimensions of perfectionism:

Concern over making mistakes
High personal standards (striving for excellence)
The perception of high parental expectations
The perception of high parental criticism
The doubting of the quality of one's actions, and
A preference for order and organization.

Perfectionism can be damaging. It can take the form of procrastination when used to postpone tasks. You can end up with low productivity chasing irrelevant details.

You feel excessive pressure to succeed. This leads to a fear of failure. Perfectionism is grandiose. It gets worse when perfectionist’s expectations are not met.

Perfectionism is irrational.

There are reasons we are perfectionists. For me, it was early childhood trauma and psychological abuse.


Steve Teare
performance engineer
May 2022


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