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Recently on PagePipe, you talked about SEO plugins with your article about the Rank Math plugin. However, I remember you also wrote before about the Autodescription (The SEO Framework) plugin.

So now, you probably guessed what I, and certainly many other people, want to know: your best recommendation between those plugins!

In other words, if you had to choose and decide the one and only SEO plugin, what would be your absolute preferred choice between:

  • Autodescription,
  • or Rank Math,
  • or why not Slim SEO (which seems light too)?

Thanks for bringing our attention to the Slim SEO plugin. Here’s the list of its functions:

  1. META TAGS – Google completely ignores meta tags and has even published that as truth for decades. Google chooses snippets now with RankBrain AI. Not your customized snippet you slaved over. Robot Tags are no longer required by Google.
  2. XML SITEMAP – Already built into WordPress core as of August 2020.
  3. BREADCRUMBS – Breadcrumbs are for sites that are too big. They’re a visual indicator of bloat. There are themes with breadcrumbs built-in.
  4. SCHEMA – Also built into some themes like GeneratePress and Astra. But an unnecessary feature:


  1. AUTO REDIRECTION – Use REDIRECTION plugin instead.

We never install SEO plugins on a website we repair or build. We remove them. We don’t replace them.

We’ll sound like stuck-up jerks with our answer. But you’ll have to understand SEO talk always inspires a rant from deep inside of us. It triggers some kind of contempt. Not for the idea of SEO. There was a time it made a difference. Those days are long gone. But guys who sell SEO say it makes a difference.

It makes no difference. The SEO claims are not provable. The Emperor has no clothes. There are only opinions with no data or proof of profit improvement. This we call “waste.” That’s right billions of dollars of waste. SEO wastes resources of time. money, and user experience (like speed). They sell false hope. SEO shysters robbed many of our clients for 10’s of thousands of dollars. For what? Services that made no difference in ranking or profit.

Our counsel is never install any SEO plugin. No matter if it loads in a millisecond. It is a millisecond wasted.

Improving website content is what improves traffic and ranking. If you don’t have content or products people need and want, no SEO plugin will save or even help your site.

Why do SEO plugins and SEO practices, in general, make no difference? We’ve written about it in this free PDF. Here’s a link:

This isn’t only about how bad the Yoast plugin is for speed. It’s about wasting your life chasing SEO voodoo.

You don’t feel better – but we do. That was therapeutic. Thanks.

Our counsel: Focus on relevant content – and good user experience.


Steve Teare
performance engineer
November 2021


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