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Here’s useful information for speeding up your WordPress website.
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Knowledge-base sharing plugin speed tricks.

Sitedrag is our fusion word for the inexplicable, undocumented loading of plugins on every single page and post of your site. Sitedrag is bad for user experience.

We could add 42 extra discrete plugins and still be ahead of installing Contact Form 7. One fat plugin!

“Too many plugins slow down your site.” This web myth is a lie. It’s not the quantity of plugins but poor quality that slow down WordPress.

We only have 2,000 milliseconds. That’s our performance budget. If Time to First Byte (TTFB) is a typical 1 second. And HTTPS security handshaking is 100 milliseconds more. That’s means 1,100 milliseconds of speed overhead is burnt up. More sitedrag!

Now we only have 900 milliseconds remaining to load the real page assets. What’s the best solution? Read the free articles below. They will help you kill sitedrag. It can be done.


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